Firehouse Art Collective director Tom Franco

introducing the band
with artist Linda Abbott
view from the Firehouse North balcony
Every SECOND Friday of the month the Firehouse North Art & Events Gallery hosts an art opening party with the exhibiting local artists present.

"It's a time and setting in which community creates culture"

Some of the the components of each event are: 
Live music, natural fabulous foods representing the Berkeley Gourmet Ghetto, wine, beer and "Santosha" micro brewed Kombucha, live poetry readings and theater sketch performances, video and slides, artists talks and presentations.
Everyone is invited to participate, meet and mingle.

Located on 1790 Shattuck Avenue, North Berkeley, CA 94709

1 comment:

  1. Tom, Just thinking of you when i heard that Your bro is hosting the Oscars!

    I love the photo's you posted and hope you are well and say Hi to Ofra if she is around okay?

    I am helping direct and show at the davenportgallery.org in Davenport Ca.

    I bet you will be watching TV Sunday night unless you two are having a war. like good brothers sometimes. I have two i am not close to at all.

    Hope you get this or it gets to you somehow. Best to you Tom, Steve Rudzinski


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